by Rev. Cynthia Gyimah
(Denominational Cell Pastor, Toronto)

The church is a living organism, an organization that is constantly evolving. When an organization becomes large, its Principals are faced with opera­tional challenges. This can lead to an organization becoming robotic as they attempt to create efficiency through routine. That is the recipe for a cookie cutter.

At All Nations, however, we thank God for the vision in the house. The vision is that we are a Cell Ministry Church. This means that we do not only meet in the church for corporate worship and events, but we also have highly organized house churches (called cells) in communities surrounding our various branch churches.

These cell meetings allow members to fel­lowship more closely, dig deeper into the word, build a stronger prayer life and enjoy a level of support that often goes missing as a church expands. Cells are available for men, women and youth. And regard­less of where you are in your walk with God, the cell ministry inspires individual growth. Through the “cells,” members are able to integrate into the church and get the attention necessary for growth in their Christian life. We truly become con­nected and rooted in the church family – a family that sticks by each other and loves unconditionally. Wasn’t that what Jesus commanded us to do: To love one another. (John13:34-35)

If you have not yet joined a cell, please ask your pas­tor to place you in a cell – your life will never be the same again. Consider this scripture “Where there is no counsel, the people fail; But in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14. We know God has destined us for good success and we cannot fail. Join a cell today!