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To the beautiful Ladies of
All Nations Full Gospel Churches International

I am so delighted to welcome all of you to our 13th Annual Women of Virtue (WOV) Conference.

I am especially thankful to God that you have made a choice to be part of a post-pandemic meeting which has rightly chosen as its theme, THANKFULNESS!


Being intently thankful changes the fabrication of our hearts. It keeps our eyes focused on God who is the source of all good gifts. It keeps our hearts open, and with open hearts, the fruits of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, contentment, and self-control, have ample room to grow.


There are times when life just doesn’t seem like a season for gratitude. Maybe you have a chronic illness or are struggling to make ends meet. Maybe you’re caring for an elderly parent or a special needs child. Despite the challenges you may be facing, being thankful during these hard times helps us find hope and meaning.


I am very excited to see what God will do for us as we sincerely learn to thank and appreciate Him during this season. Along with having the opportunity to fellowship with virtuous women of like faith.

This conference promises to be life changing and fulfilling, as the topics for the sermons, the symposiums and the workshops have been prayerfully chosen to encourage, challenge and bless you!
Therefor whether you are attending in-person or joining in online, I encourage you to focus and fully participate in the Prayers and in all the Sessions for maximum benefit. 

Ladies - May the Lord grant you according to your heart’s desires; and fulfill all your purposes!

Hope you are ready, just as I am, to experience God’s mighty move as we approach Him with a thankful heart.



Dr. Rose Donkor

Co-Senior Pastor & Co-Founder

All Nations Full Gospel Churches International

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