February 12th to 18th 2018
TEXT: Proverbs 22:6
Can you imagine a village in which no children are born for decades? Obviously this village would be doomed. This is because children ensure continuity; continuity of people, talents, assets, etc. Children are a gift from God. They bring us so much joy! We celebrate when a child is born. We experience great sadness, and sometimes strife, when we are unable to have children. The blessing of children is fully realized when they grow up to be all that is good, when they are respectful, successful, healthy and God-fearing. We are proud to see our children bring continuity. They can continue our lives, our professions, our businesses, and our faith.

Unfortunately children do not automatically become all that is good. They come to us like raw material. Parents have a mandate from God to help their children succeed! The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6). If we desire good children then we must give them good training. In this lesson we will examine a few pointers on how to best train our children.

1. Treat every child’s identity with care through loving actions.
a. A child knows when he is accepted and loved. Love should be especially evident at home. When parents accept a child as being unique, he/she does not feel rejected. Parents should always understand that they damage their children when they abandon them. When parents understand this, they can better exercise self-control and bring harmony into the home.
b. There should not be strife, anger, disrespect, or abuse in the home. Parents should create happy and loving environments, and have good relationships with their children.

2. Help your child to have a healthy self-esteem
a. Use words to build a healthy self-esteem in your child. Give him faith and courage in difficult times. Give your child hope when there seems to be no hope. Let him know that you believe in him.

3. Cultivate communication with your child
a. Do not replace family communication with the TV or Internet. Make the effort to establish and maintain good communications with your child. Below are some tips.
i. Set time aside daily to communicate with your children
ii. Communicate, do not be sarcastic, and do not always emphasize their faults. Rather, motivate them.
iii. Engage in recreation with your children. Play a game together instead of watching TV. Travel together. Being in a car and hotel room together for a period helps us better communicate with each other.

4. Be interested in your child’s goals
a. Treat him with respect. He needs to be heard, so listen to him.
b. Give him the necessary tools needed to reach his goals.

5. Discipline your child!
a. Discipline never hurts. A spoilt child is a danger to society and to himself.
b. Be firm, fair and consistent in your discipline.
c. Be united in disciplining your children. Remember that children know how to “divide and rule.”
d. Start correction early in a child’s life. Never believe that a child is too young to be corrected.

6. Spend time in the word regularly with your child (Deut. 11:18-21)
a. Parents, please don’t ignore this activity. It is the most important training you can give to your child.
b. Teach him the importance of God’s Word.
c. Teach him to apply God’s Word to him daily life. (Joshua 1:8)

Our children are gifts from the Lord. However the Lord wants us to give these gifts back to Him. He wants us to train our children so that the generation that comes after us will look as good as we did!