DATE: June 26, 2017 to July 2, 2017
Topic: Uncovering The One Behind Our Setbacks III

Text: 2 Cor. 2:11 “Lest satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his
Introduction: We conclude our series in this lesson. When we are going through setbacks, Satan
uses events, circumstances, fire, storms, sicknesses, death, financial losses, theft of property,
loss of property, accidents, ridicule, accusations, hardships, lack of God’s presence, family,
friends etc. to make us feel that God is the cause of our setbacks.
He wants us to believe that God does not care.
He wants us to believe that God is punishing us for sins we have committed.
Or that God is angry with us for not doing something we know we should be doing.
Or that God is not pleased with us because of the sins of our parents.
We have already established in the case of Job that God is the one who gave Job all he had; God
gave him his children, his wealth and the increase.
We have also established that it was Satan who used armed robbers to steal Job’s properties
and to murder his servants. We have also established that it was Satan who used fire and
windstorm to blow the house down on Job’s children and all 10 were killed in one day! Again it
was Satan who put the painful boils and the incurable disease on Job. We also saw how he
incited Job’s wife to turn against him.
In all the above, although Job’s faith in God did not fail, yet Satan succeeded in making Job
blame God for his suffering. How did he do that? Satan used Job’s friends!
Job 2:11-13: We see that the intentions of the friends were initially not to Judge Job, but rather
to sympathize with him and to comfort him.
After Job had lamented his condition to his friends however, they each began to speak.
Job 4:7-9: Eliphaz spoke first stressing that Job has sinned and is being chastened by God
Job 4:12: he even begins to share a prophetic revelation which cannot be from God although
his words seems spiritual.
Job 8:4 : Then Bildad speaks and also criticizes him, believing that he and his children have
sinned to deserve such a punishment form a just God.
Job11:1-20: Zophar also speaks and urges Job to repent.
Job 13:7-12: Job rightly responds that his friends have become his critics. He calls them
miserable comforters. (Job 16:2) He rightly tells them that they are tormentors. Job 19:2. Read
his sad plea in Job 18:7-22. This is a cry of rejection!
Job 23:1-5; 1—12: Job continues to blame God yet he does not lose faith in Him.
This debate goes on; job is crying about his innocence and his friends are being used by the
devil to show him that all his problems are from God. When your friends speak in the name of
the Lord but they are wrong can you tell the difference?
Job 23:1-10: Elihu now speaks, and it is no different from His friends.
Job 38:1-3: God intervenes! God questions Job, He challenges him. But what wrong has job
He spoke in ignorance, the devil made him blame God. He was ready to take God to court, and
all he did was proclaim his righteousness.
We can never approach God with our own righteousness; neither can we approach God with all
we have done. We only approach God in humility and praise Job 40:1-5, 42:1-6.
When Job learned the lesson, the Lord vindicated him against his friends. They were directed to
offer a burnt offering to atone for their sins, and then they were to go to Job to be prayed for.
Restoration then came to Job.
We are to forgive those who the devil uses to hurt us. Job forgave his friends and prayed for
them; that is when restoration became complete. God gave him more than Job had before the
trials. Indeed, Job said that he will come out as gold when he is tested, and he did! Job 23:10.
The devil is the one who brings, us harm, but when we come out of it, pleasing God, we come
out as GOLD!